Wire & Cable Marking

Keep Wires and Cables Organized with
DuraLabel Self-Laminating Wire Wraps and Shrink Tubing

Wire wraps and shrink tube supplies for DuraLabel printers are inexpensive solutions to cable and wire marking. Both are extremely easy to use and come in a variety of sizes to best suit specific facility needs.

Any size of wire or cable marker may be accomplished to suite your specific needs, with the combination of the cutter from the DuraLabel printers and the durable continuous supply rolls.

Self-Laminating Wire Wraps

Self-laminating wire wraps Our DuraLabel Self-Laminating Wire Wraps are inexpensive and easy-to-use! Our wire wrap supply is durable and self-laminating, which comes on a continuous roll allowing wire wraps to be cut to exact size needed. Affix the colored section of the label to the wire or cord and wrap the clear section or "tail" around the wire, thus "laminating" the label. The adhesive back simplifies this process that requires mere seconds to complete.

Simple Application

  1. Print identifying information
  2. Apply wire wrap to the cable or wire
  3. Wrap the clear tail around to protect the label

Shrink Tubing

Shrink Tubing Our Shrink Tubing Supply for DuraLabel Printers is extremely tough while maintaining optimal flexibility and flame-retardent properties. Shrink Tubing is an easy way too mark and identify your wires and cables. This very durable and flexible material is specially formulated cross-linked polyolefin which has a low recovery temperature of a 3:1 ratio with a thin wall, and is highly flame-retardant (VW-1).

Various sizes and colors are available. Supply is on a continuous roll for less waste!

Quick Application!
Print, Apply, & Heat-Shrink. It's that simple. And fun too!

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