DuraSuite Software

Comprehensive Software for DuraLabel Industrial Printers

Handle all your specialized labeling applications with DuraSuite:

DuraSuite Software LogoThe DuraSuite software is specifically designed to work with DuraLabel printers. With Arc Flash, RTK, and Pipe Marking modules; DuraSuite makes designing compliant labels quick and easy. You can also create customized labels and signs. DuraLabel premium vinyl works excellent with the Pipe Marker and Label Designer modules. The software is designed to print on DuraLabel Arc Flash and RTK die-cut labels as well, which are compliant to many standards and codes.

DuraSuite Modules:

Pipe Marking Module DuraSuite Pipe Marking Module

  • Quickly create ANSI and ASME compliant labels
  • Color-coded drop down menu easy pipe design

Arc Flash Label Module DuraSuite Arc Flash Module

  • Create and save new labels to access later
  • DANGER & WARNING arc flash die-cuts
  • Create labels in multiple languages
  • Meet current NFPA codes as well as the CSA-Z462 Canadian code
  • Works with top electrical system analysis software such as: ESA, SKM, ETAP & EDSA

RTK Label Module

  • Customize NFPA Diamond labels
  • Customize multiple sizes of RTK color-bar labels in the format you need
  • Includes a database of information for over 1,700 common chemicals

DuraSuite NFPA 2x2 Label DuraSuite 4x6 NFPA Label

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